Pancreatitis and Diabetes

I have Idiopathic Chronic Pancreatitis and Type 2 Diabetes.

The symptoms of pancreatitis started at least 25 years ago, type 2 diabetes was diagnosed in 2010.

Here is the overall impact:

  • Extreme weight loss: 113 lbs.
  • Five clothing size changes.
  • Pressure Ulcers
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Feel cold all the time
  • Weak, lack of energy
  • Wide ranging blood glucose levels
  • ... and, of course, misdiagnosis of pancreatitis (four times)

I am now 100% insulin dependent and 100% dependent on digestive enzymes. My pancreas is nearly 100% non-functional.

February 05 2018: I have stopped all insulin injections as of January 03 2018. In addition, I have reduced the number of Metformin tablets from 5 daily to 4 daily, and again to 3 daily. As of February 05 2018 (today), I will be reducing that again to 2 daily. My morning blood sugars are usually around 5.3 mmol/L (95.4 mg/dL). That is in normal range. My A1C is at 6.2 mmol/L (111.6 mg/dL). In Canada that is considered the mid point of pre-diabetes. I expect within a few months to have my A1C in normal range. Phase 3 definitely works.

May 30 2017: I was recently introduced to some products from Voxxlife (socks, insoles) that have helped ease the pain and discomfort of lower leg neuropathy. The insoles assist in more comfortable walking too. Have a look at their products.

March 21 2017: Phase 3 remains undocumented, but it is working. I have been advised by my doctor that the endocrine functionality of my pancreas is normal. I am on a regimen to reduce insulin injections to zero.

December 2016: Welcome back. This site used to be and I closed it down in late 2014. Several people contacted me to get more information on my self-treatments and ended up "borrowing" my strategies to make commercial products. My self-treatments are quite effective and cost next to nothing -- but these people made some commercial products that they sell for $60 to more than $200 per month. That is a profit margin that is usuary and down right theft. I was quite disappointed in being used this way -- I have decided to repost my experiences with my health and self treatments to provide others a strategy they can use, if they decide to, to avoid these unscrupulous thieves. Enjoy and don't forget to consult with  your doctor before embarking on any new treatments.

Written on January 22 2013, I have some significant changes due to my self-treatment program: pressure ulcers are healed, hemorrhoids are healted, have gained 20 lbs since Dec. 12 with Phase Two, I have no pain, no aches, no headaches, no bloating and more importantly I have not needed any pain pills in more than one year. I have also been able to reduce my bolus insulin by 1 unit (probably more, but I am cheating a bit to gain some weight). You can read about my self-treatment at this page. I have also noted some other changes since starting Phase Two and describe them here.

Update: On March 6 2014 my endocrinologist gave me a copy of my latest lab work. HbA1c is down by almost two full points (from 8.4 three months ago to 6.6). Potassium levels have increased. 25HYDROXY (Vitamin D3) has increased. I was waiting for this lab report to confirm my self-treatment works – and it does. I have now started a Phase 2 Alternate program. Click the link to read about this.

I do a significant amount of research into health issues to come up with good products to use and alternative treatment programs. I have tried just about every diabetes product available. Through this website, I will pass on my experiences with these products and services.

Note that I live just in the north part of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Some of the products and services that I discuss may not be available where you are. If they are available to you, the features and functionality may be different than the ones I use.

I also plan on developing a carb counter application with a simple lookup functionality for commonly available food products. This will include brand name products, including fast food.

The products that I currently use include:

  • Lantus long-acting (basal) insulin
  • Novo Rapid rapid-acting (bolus) meal time insulin (rarely used now)
  • Cotazym
  • Plavix
  • 81 mg Aspirin
  • Jadiance 25 mg
  • Freestyle Insulinx glucometer (most accurate I have found, medical research shows as 98.8% accuracy)
  • BD 4mm Nano needles
  • and a variety of supplements that you should read about

I decided to build this website to help others. The reason is simple: there are many aspects of diabetes and chronic pancreatitis that are not documented or discussed. The information that is available is either lacking in detail, incorrect, misleading, and in some cases outright lies. I read many forums where people with either diabetes, pancreatitis (or both) are begging for information. I will document and pass on what I can. I will not post codes to access your glucometer settings, those are readily available through a Google search and on YouTube, and I will provide my opinions on what insulins work for me.

What you will not get: I will not provide any background to diabetes or pancreatitis. That is so overdone that it shields the advice and experiences we are really looking for. I also will not host a forum, there are many good ones available, no use duplicating efforts. Find a support forum you feel comfortable with and stick with it.

Disclaimer: you need to be aware that there are Google AdSense advertisements displayed in the pages on this website.



I am definitely going to give these alternatives a try. Thank you so much for your hard work researching chronic pancreatitis. It totally makes sense to me since the inflammation is my source of pain.

Posted by Rhonda Willard on March 22, 2014, 6:16 pm

Hi, I would just like to update you on Rich's status and put in a few personal thoughts that may help others...

I am the wife of Rich who has suffered from chronic pancreatitis for over 16mos, constant debilitatingl pain, 7-8 hospitalizations and along with the pancreas problem, chronic depression.

I started researching on my own, I didn't have much luck as I didn't know WHAT I was looking for, just something to help his pain. He is/was on fentanyl patches, morphine (didn't work at all) and dillaude 4-6 pills per day ( didn't stop pain, but made it so that he could function at work) when he wasn't in the hospital. He has had 3 ERCP's with stents and biopsies, that were benign (praise God). He also takes Remron for sleep (30mg ) which did not work as he was up a minimum of 4x per night. Lexapro and Xanax for depression and Omeprazole and Pancrelipase (enzymes to help the pancreas do it's 'job')

I was told by many I needed to find a support group, for myself as it is quite hard to watch a loved one be in constant pain...I did that ...found a pancreatic support group and joined, which is where I found Andy and his 'story'....research etc. It made sense to me, but to try and tell someone that is in horrific pain to stop taking as many pain pills and try something different is hard for a person to digest, especially since we are all so accustomed to synthetic medications that we have all taken for as long as I can remember...we are used to it, therefore trust it, which is not always the right thing...kinda goes to the following the sheep that goes over the we follow?

To get to the 'chase'...Rich changed insurance companies the first of this year as all of his gastro docs were 'out of network', after finally finding a primary care doc (internal med doc) that actually did care about his health and well being instead of thinking he was a 'pill seeker', we were both relieved....very relieved. Rich was almost out of dillaude and in intense thinking was we would be in the ER within a week...I know the routine and we were right on track with how it goes before going to the hospital. Anyway, doc wrote him a script for dillaude, we were about to leave when I brought up the things that Andy was talking about and could Rich take those etc etc...he said that even though the medical field did not acknowledge it, that it made sense....vitamins etc would cut down inflammation, which causes pain. That was good for me to know, but Rich was still too fearful to go without pain meds. When we went to pick up dillaude, found out we had not yet met our deductable....and would have to pay full price....which we could not afford...thought about pawning something/anything and then Rich said he would try Andy's 'plan of attack'.......and that was now 36hrs ago. He has had NO PAIN that a Arnica could not handle, has taken what was suggested and slept through the night last night for the first time since this all started!!!!!! All I can say is...we are coming around to understanding the importance of alternatives, reseach and not 'being sheep' Thank you Andy, my friend :-) :-)

ANDY'S COMMENT: I am not sure that my self-treatment is an "alternative", it is directly addressing the cause: inflammation. The "alternatives" are what are being prescribed. Those prescriptions are specifically to treat a particular symptom, not deal with the cause. That being said, I was so thrilled to hear that Rich finally found some relief -- and from something that costs so little. No need to pawn the "farm" ...

Posted by susan seabolt on February 8, 2014, 12:20 pm

I have also have been self treatment but even with all of my lifestyle changes and dietary changes I found that there are some direct liks to chronic pancreatitis that also need to be addressed. As you did with my nursing education behind me I educated myself and found that I was dealing with hyperparathyroidism that showed only after come changes with my thyroid. conventional medicine does not consider there to be a correlation between the thyroid and parathyriod glands but i found otherwise. I am in the process of searching for an experienced parathyroid surgeon, who also deals with multiple endocrine disorders, specifically MEN 1 and related syndroms. I similarly have a website for informational purposes also. I think it is great for you to share your experiences so that others can compare and realize that there are other options other than medical treatments that need to be taken into consideration before relying on conventional treatments. I am also diabetic but do not use insulin, I have been diet controlled and am trying to find a treatment that offers both insulin and glucagon treatment options. I take pancreatic enzymes which have helped digest foods, but at present only an OTC brand. My diet is strict and I learned by trial and error of what would trigger of my acute episodes. If you read up on hyperparathyroidism you will see that many suffer from chronic pancreatits in relation to this condition. As far as blood lab values, these can cause conflicting evidence of the disease and usually become abnormal when disease has already progressed. please google my name to check me out. Best wishes to you and all who visit your site.

Posted by Diane Allen on January 26, 2014, 7:20 pm

I have acute necrotising pancreatitis.Please help me in understanding this disease and it's remedies

ANDY: Sorry, but this site describes my experiences with diabetes and chronic pancreatitis. I am not offering this as a solution to anyone, just presenting my experiences. I am not a doctor and not involved in the medical community, I cannot help you with diagnosis or treatments of any kind.

Posted by Ajay Jinka on January 23, 2014, 12:24 am

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