Book Review: Lizzy Learns To Love Herself

Book Review: (A Book for Children) Lizzy Learns To Love Herself

Author Debbie Matchett has collaborated with illustrator Angel Brkic to create a book to help children, and those that read to them, enhance their self-esteem. Debbie Matchett has a degree in Early Childhood Education and spent her entire adult career caring and teaching children.

Children of all ages are so immersed in our culture with negative comments and feedback. Our own kids are grown now (well, they actually have kids of their own), but they had their struggles to deal with. Our daughter wore glasses even before she went to school and had to deal with the teasing and bullying from others. Our son was always shorter and smaller than the others and was picked on endlessly. It doesn't seem to matter, picking on others is a past time.

Kids learn to cope, many withdraw, many develop life long problems.

Debbie Matchett takes aim directly at this to help children alter their self perception in a positive way. She draws from her own family background, having raised her daughter as a single parent: caring for, and teaching, children was invaluable: throughout her career she put into practice all the lessons contained in this book.

The story is touching. I know many others that have read the book and have purchased many copies for family and friends. There are testimonials from mothers whose children "turned around" with a more positive outlook.

Author Debbie Matchett and illustrator Angel Brkic go well beyond the role of "normal" authors and with the help of Debbie's husband, Barry, have taken their message to schools and other groups in a live interactive sesison with children of all ages.

They plan a series of books around "Lizzy" and a new character that will appear in the next book "Tommy" ...

I encourage you to getting a copy. Mention you read this review and get an autographed book for yourself. You can also contact the author directly through their website.

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