Review: Persona Non Grata

I recently read "Persona non grata with diabetes" written by Paul Cathcart.

Paul Cathcart has Type 1 diabetes diagnosed when he was in his teens. The book describes his experiences leading to the diagnosis and the frustrations, joys, and obstacles along the way.

Persona non grata with diabetes is captivating. It evokes every possible emotion you are capable of and links you with his thoughts throughout. The ups and downs, The good and bad (and not so bad). You feel what he feels.

I was diagnosed with diabetes later in life, the result of a damaged pancreas that is barely producing any insulin at this stage. I am still Type 2 at this point, but expect my pancreas will give out soon. I am 100% dependent on four to eight injections of insulin daily as well as entirely dependent on digestive enzymes. Empathy with his experiences in later chapters, awed at his experiences in earlier chapters.

The frustrations Paul Cathcart describes in choosing food and giving in to temptation for sweets is one that we all face. We all deal with the after effects -- ah, a correction dose and we are ok. 

His writing style is poignant in places - particularly the early chapters, dramatic in others, and comical thoughout. He is an excellent writer and makes it difficult to put the book down.

The latter chapters of the book are currently reality. I found myself transported through my own experiences sharing similar frustrations: walking into the diabetes education centre and disgusted by staff snacking away on doughnuts, burgers, fries, full-leaded colas with a chocolate snack chaser. The smug remarks from pharmacist assistants when I need extra strips. Demanding answers as to why I am using more prescriptions meds than the 'script calls for.

One quarter of the population of Canada has diabetes, yet we are marginalized at every contact point. I understand the statistics are the same world wide -- we are a potential power house voting block that no one takes advantage of. We don't take advantage ourselves and demand changes. I am reminded of this every time I walk into a store and see the diabetes section is a small shelf of goods while the non-diabetic goods take up entire aisles. Attend any meeting you want, odds are if they have a tray of food it is all sugar based and mostly cheap sticky buns. The only common thread is Diet Coke. Gawd, I hate that stuff.

Paul Cathcart has self-published his book Persona non grata with diabetes and needs our support. The book is in Paperback as an Ebook. Buy it from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, CreateSpace, and on his website.

Congratulations Paul, it is an outstanding book and extremely well written. I highly recommend you get a copy. You will enjoy every page and support a fellow diabetic struggling through life as we all are.

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