I am constantly amazed to hear from others that are trying either both phases of my self-treatment, or portions of it to help reduce their inflammation. The comments often make me choke up. Others finding relief, able to go back to work, dramatically reduce their pain meds ... here are a few comments, in their own words.

Awesome news Andy! I am doing well too – steering clear of acid inducing foods – amazing difference! Why don’t more people try diet for reducing cp?

And I am back at work fulltime – with energy to spare

Theo C | (Chronic Pancreatitis)

First time using sodium bicarbonate after hearing about it from you. Excited and have more energy than I have had in 10 years.

Dwayne S | (Cancer Survivor - 23 years)

... only got up once last night (usually 4-5 times) and THIRD night with no pain!!!!!!

... just with the extra vitamin d3 my husband has taken no ‘break through’ pain pills ... big plus ... whoooooo hooo!

Susan S | (husband has Chronic Pancreatitis)

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