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The resources on this page are fairly limited and restricted to physical locations. If you are looking for a support forum, do a Google search. There are many diabetes related support forums. Pancreatitis support forums are very limited, I know of only one based in the UK.


Medical Report from 1915

Medical Report, 1915 (preview)
Medical Report, 1915 (full, PDF, 4 pages)


12th Annual Kiss A Pig Gala
Pigs – without them insulin would have been impossible to discover back in 1922.

Discovery of Insulin
Nobel Prize view of the discovery of insulin.

UofT – Discovery of Insulin
University of Toronto historical perspective.

Insulin: what it meant to patients
A patient’s perspective.

Southlake Diabetes Info Ctr

This is a division of Southlake Regional Health Center based in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. The Diabetes Information Center is located at:
The Tannery Mall
465 Davis Drive
2nd Floor, Suite 212
Newmarket, Ontario
L3Y 2P1
(905) 895-4521, extension 5600
Note: anytime I have called, I have to leave a message, and they are not that quick to return the call


At the moment, I am not aware of any Pancreatitis support services.


Ontario/Trillium Drug Benefits

If you do not have a health benefit program through your work place, and your prescription costs take up a large part of your income, you may qualify for government assistance (in Ontario Canada). There is only one program, but it has two different names:
Trillium Drug Benefit Plan is for those individuals or families where the main applicant is less than 65 years of age. You must apply for this program. There is a cost, that they call the deductible, spread out in each of the four quarters of the year.
At this site, you can download the guide and application form.

Ontario Drug Benefit Plan is for those individuals or families where the main applicant is 65 years of age and up. There is no need to apply for this, it is automatic coverage. Once you get a prescription filled at your local pharmacy, the cost to you will be automatically adjusted based on your age. Note that any family member under age 65 may have to apply for coverage under the Trillium Drug Benefit plan.

Both of these are identical in coverage. The prescriptions covered are governed by a "formulary" that is published and available at the link above.

If you know of a resource that could be included on this page, please email me.

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