Women have it so easy when it comes to carrying diabetes "stuff" around. Purses, clutches, shoulder bags.

Not so easy for men and it is a common problem with most not able to find anything suitable or settling for cases/bags that are not suitable (or terribly expensive). Many resort to using plain white grocery bags, others modify gun / camcorder cases.

I have also found a few links to cases for kids, one with a video that was really heart warming. You should watch these two videos:

... I admire any child or youth with diabetes that are able to manage. I also have a sense of empathy for what they must go through at school and at play.

I personally do not have a problem with any of the cases available with glucometers or insulin injection pens. They are rather flimsy and cheap and typically do not last long, but the price is right and they are functional. My issue is that I end up with 2-4 cases to carry around and no way of including other accessories and supplies. Let’s be clear: there are several needs to consider. What I am discussing is not related to travel, but rather the day-to-day needs of a diabetic. In an ideal situation, here is what I would want to bring with me every day I have to leave the house:

    • Glucometer
    • Lancing device
    • Lancets (needles)
    • Pot of test strips
    • Disinfectant wipes
    • Bolus (meal time) insulin injection pen
    • Needles and spares
    • DEX4 or other quick acting glucose
    • Travel sharps bin
    • Trash bag
    • Spare underwear

On, I found a padded case made by Case Logic. It is designed to carry a portable DVD and attach it to the back of the front seat in a vehicle so that passengers in the rear seat can watch a video. The case, model PDVD-9, is absolutely idea and fits everything listed above, with room to spare. It is designed for portable DVD players that are 7 to 9 inches. I have since ordered the Case Logic model PDVS-4, slightly smaller to accommodate a 7 inch DVD player. It also is less thick and should be more unobtrusive. Both cases have a holder strap so that when open, the bottom portion is at a 90% angle to the top. That is the design so that when attached to the back seat of a vehicle, the screen is viewable, the player remains at the proper angle to play the DVD without skipping. I have removed those two straps (just cut them off). Both cases accommodate everything I need to carry.

This is my case in actual use. In the case, I have both of my insulin pens in individual HumaPen cases, a container of DEX4 tablets, my Freestyle InsuLinx meter in its individual case, and two generic containers that I use for trash.

At the left, you can see lid of the same case. This is a slim storage area designed to hold 3 or 4 DVDs. I use it to store a spare pair of underwear and a few sanitary wipes.

I also have a few other extras in my bag. I also found these on ... the most notable of them is a portable or travel sharps bin. I could not find anything specifically for sharps disposal, but I did find a waterproof plastic container that is the perfect size and only $3.75. I ordered three of these, all yellow. I keep one in my case, and two around the house. The other picture at the right really has nothing to do with the case. It is a keychain watertight pill bottle so that I can carry a few extra test strips and a tiny meter when I do not really need to have the case with me. The keychain pill bottle was just $1.39 on

The other Case Logic case designed for a larger portable DVD (Case Logic PDVD-9) has an extra zip up section and is two inches wider and about 1.25 inches longer than the smaller case. It is designed for portable DVD players that are between 7 and 9 inches. There are advantages to this case, if you have more supplies that I do, or need to carry other items. For example, the extra zip up section will hold a tablet up to 9 inches. It is perfect for the iPad Mini, cell phone, or other electronic accessories, power supplies, etc. This is the first case that I ordered, quite suitable. I ended up with the slightly smaller case (PDVS-4).

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