Let’s establish a base to start with. I am diagnosed with Idiopathic Chronic Pancreatitis. There is no known cause. I also am diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. My gastroenterologist estimates that my pancreas is nearly 100% destroyed (calcified) with only trace amounts of insulin produced and no pancreatic digestive enzymes. I am prescribed basal insulin (Lantus) and I inject that first thing in the morning with a HumaPen Savvio insulin pen. I am also prescribed bolus insulin (Apidra) and I injected that with a HumaPen Savvio between 4 and 8 times daily with meals and snacks. I use the Freestyle Insulinx glucometer to help determine bolus insulin dosage. I am also prescribed Cotazym digestive enzymes and take four tablets before meals, and two before snacks. Despite the second highest dosage, I still had loose stools and steatorrhea.

After some initial research, I decided to focus on strategies to reduce inflammation, not just for the pancreas, but all body inflammation. I must be clear here, this is an ideal goal. My main focus is on reducing inflammation of the pancreas and other GI organs. This involved trying to find cause(s) for inflammation.

I started by looking over my lab test results. I requested copies from my doctor every time I had blood work done. What I found initially in early 2013 was a bit surprising to me. There were several entries that were marked "LO". The first one is listed as "25-HYDROXY VITAMIN D" or more commonly known as Vitamin D3. The normal range is shown as 75 - 250 nmol/L. My level was 19 nmol/L. I have been told that the lowest ever recorded was 14. Quite low, then.

So, let's get to the different Phase of my self treatment:

Phase 1 started after my last hospital ER visit.

Phase 2 started on December 12 2013 and is the corner stone of my self-treatment. Phase 2 has benefits for anyone with: 

  • any type of gastro intestinal disease (pancreatitis, IBS, colitis, chrohn's disease) -- these are all caused by inflammation, reduce or eliminate the inflammation and you have an excellent treatment program
  • arthritis and rheumatism -- these are both caused by inflammation, reduce or eliminate the inflammation and you have an excellent treatment program
  • diabetes and Alzheimer -- these are both the result of acid in the blood stream

Through additional research, I had started a Phase 2 Alternate program. I have discontinued this Phase 2 Alternate (due to some strange results), removed the Phase 2 Alternate page and gone back to Phase 2 program. Phase 2 works.

Medical Report, 1915 (preview)
Medical Report, 1915 (full, PDF, 4 pages)
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Explanations of body pH, not medical/scholarly
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UK (medical/university): Chronic Pancreatitis Seminar
Medical: WebMedCentral, Case Study
University of Minnesota: TP/AIT
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Reading Your Blood Test Results (mmol/L as well as US mg/dl


Very interesting info there. I run a pancreatitis website. The top5plus5 website. Although for some reason my browser is having problems seeing my buttons anymore. Anyway. As soon as I get my puter back up and running worth a hoot. Will add your page to mine. Will help you get some hits. I hope this finds you and yours well. Mark. aka casca

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