Other changes

Since starting Phase Two of my self treatment on Decemer 12 2013, I have noticed other changes that I have not previously discussed or documented. Quite frankly, I am not sure to attribute these to Phase One, Phase Two or a combination of the two. Regardless, I am pleased with the results. Here's what I have noticed (as of the writing of this article on January 22 2014):
  • Wounds are healing faster. On January 15 2014 I had dental surgery and ended up with three teeth extracted. My last tooth extraction was at least fiften years ago and took several weeks to close up, bled for more than 24 hours and had quite a bit of swelling. As I write this on January 22 2014, my extractions are nearly completely healed. I started eating soft solid foods on Saturday, and started eating hard solid foods today (Wednesday). There was no bleeding and I only took one Aleve the day after the dental surgey.
  • Wounds are clearing up faster. I have had several wounds, particularly on my shins from bumping into tools and things in my garage, for several years. They did eventually heal over, but left that awful purple colour where the wounds were. Most of these are now normal colour and no scars.
  • I am prone to lipomas and sebaceous cysts. They tend to run in the family. Lipomas are a pocket of fat with their own skin and are deep below the skin. They feel like a lump that moves around when trying to shift them with your fingers. Sebaceous cysts are similar, they are a pocket of fat with their own skin and are closer to the skin surface. Both never reduce in size, they grow. Sebaceous cysts in particular can grow quite larger. They appear like a large pimple or boil but without a "head". They usually have to be surgically removed if overly large. They can rupture on their own and are filled with what medical reports describe as a white loose cheesy texture (similar to a pimple, but a bit more solid texture). My lipomas have all reduced in size. The one sebaceous cyst that I have is nearly all completely gone. It did rupture with a yellowish material that seemed to include some anti-bacterial fluid.
  • As a result of the extreme weight loss, I had three pressure ulcers. One in particular had really dark skin tissue around it and a small hole that would not heal. My doctor had provided several prescriptions to deal with infection and help in healing. They never really went away. As of this writing, the pressure ulcers are all gone and completely healed.
  • I also had hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are typically caused by constipation. My doctor was explaining that my hemorrhoids were likely caused by tightening my muscles to avoid oil leakage from the steatorrhea. Regardless of the cause, these darn things itch, hurt, and make it awfully difficult to sit in certain positions. The itching is constant and scratching makes it even worse. The hemorrhoids are now completely healed.
  • I am sleeping so much better. Until I started Phase Two of my self-treatment, sleep was fitful. I would sleep three hours at the most and then get up to go to the washroom. More often than not, I would be unable to get back to sleep after that. I was terribly sleep deprived. Since Phase Two, my sleep patterns have changed almost daily. First it was an increase to four hours of sleep at a time, then five hours. Now I sleep at least eight hours or more, wake completely rested, and feel great. I also fall asleep a lot faster.
  • My diet has changed with no advertse affects for my pancreatitis. One of the difficulties of having both diabetes and pancreatitis is that foods that are good for diabetes are bad for pancreatitis and vice versa. I now can eat anything that is good for diabetes with no effect to my pancreatitis -- even foods that would normally trigger flare-ups. And, no pain, no bloating, nothing.
Some really good changes!

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